What is MEmu?

What is MEmu Play?

MEmu is an Android Emulator software to simulate Android OS on PC. It provides native user experience of Android OS, allows you to install, use, and uninstall any Android application, just like a physical Android device does. You can control your apps or games simply with your keyboard and mouse, sometimes even with external controllers.

MEmu not only delivers outstanding performance but provides stunning graphics to its users. It offers rich features including smart controls, multiple-instances, macro keymapping, controller support, game automation, video record, GPS simulation, command-line scripts, etc.


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How does MEmu work?

MEmu Android Emulator runs on Windows but simulates a sandbox of Android OS. For better performance, most of the modern Android Emulators takes advantage of hardware virtualization (Intel-VT or AMD-V) to simulate multiple cores, just like physical Android device does.

From Android’s perspective, it can access “devices”, including CPU, memory, screen orientation, Rom, SD card, WiFi, battery, camera, GPS, accelerometer, etc,  although they are all simulated by software.

From Windows’ perspective, MEmu Android Emulator is just a normal Windows application like notepad, all Android data are stored in several files in a certain Windows folder, for example, all stuff in the SD card is likely a 10 GB file.


What are the system requirements?

Please check the system requirements article for the most updated information.


Is there a version of MEmu for Mac OS?

Currently, we do not offer the Mac/Linux version of MEmu Play, but we may release it anytime in the future. Please keep paying attention and stay following us on Facebook!

Actually, there is a workaround to run MEmu on Mac OS using Parallels Desktop. You just need to enable the nested virtualization feature in the software.



How to download MEmu?

Please follow the steps below to install MEmu Play in order to play Android games on your PC.

Only 3 Steps to Play:

  • Download the latest Memu Installer
  • Install Memu-Installer.exe as Administrator
  • Run MEmu and Find App in Google Play



You may wonder whether MEmu is safe to use.

You may also want to learn how to use MEmu after your installation is finished.


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