Clash of Clans December 2023 Update: Town Hall Level 16, New Troop, Pet, Hero Equipment, and more

Clash of Clans will be going crazy as a new December 2023 update will be kicking off with some exciting new features, but there’s more as the best addition in this new update will be the arrival of the awaited Town Hall Level 16. Alongside we have some new features arriving in the game including a new Troop, a new Pet, and a new addition called Hero Equipment to boost your heroes. So, what are we waiting for? Let us dive in and see what’s coming to CoC with this mega update!

Clash of Clans December 2023 Update: Town Hall Level 16 is coming

A week ago, Stuart McGaw, the General Manager of Clash of Clans shared a blog related to an upcoming update slated for December 2023 and outlined an ambitious plan for the year 2024.

By the start of it, we as a community started the rumors of the potential arrival of the Town Hall level which most of the players with maxed-out bases were waiting for, and now, we have received official information it is coming.

If memory serves me right, the last significant update for Clash of Clans was in October 2022, introducing Town Hall 15 along with a slew of new defenses, troops, pets, and various other features. It was pretty big, as we saw a lot of new features. The October 2023 update was also great in terms of content but this upcoming update will be a bigger one surely given how it will change the game dynamics.

Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 16 (TH16) Features and New Additions

Town Hall Upgrade

So, we’ll be sharing all the details we know of the latest Town Hall level, exploring the new features, including troop, spell, defense, and building upgrades. First things, upgrading to CoC Town Hall 16 comes with a significant investment, demanding 20 million gold and a 14-day upgrade time.

clash of clans town hall 16

Image via Supercell

Additionally, your Gold storage capacity increases to 2 million, along with a matching boost in Elixir capacity. Dark Elixir storage sees a substantial increase to 20,000, and the Town Hall’s Hit Points receive a noteworthy upgrade, reaching a base value of 10,000.

However, there’s a notable improvement compared to Town Hall 15, as the upgrade time has been reduced, making the process more manageable for players. Expect this cut down of time to all the levels and buildings.

Giga Inferno

The Giga Inferno mimics Town Hall 15 stats but boasts a more epic appearance. Additionally, with a DPS of 300, it covers a 4.5-tile area, hitting up to 4 targets at once. When destroyed, it deals 1100 damage. Its max DPS is 180, and it slows down enemies by 50%.

Merged Buildings and New Defenses

We have some stylish-looking defenses that are arriving with the Clash of Clans December 2023 Update, which we will explain in this space. However, these come with a twist. When you upgrade to Town Hall 16, you get a cool new feature called Merged Buildings. Instead of just adding more individual defenses, you can now combine two defenses into one super-powerful defense.

Here’s how it works: When you upgrade to Town Hall 16, instead of buying new defenses separately, you can choose to merge two existing defenses into a single, mega defense. The game will show you which two buildings you can merge. The result is a super-defense that is stronger than the two individual defenses combined. It deals more damage, has more health, and just looks way cooler!

Keep in mind that Merging is permanent; once you do it, you can’t undo it. You can place the merged building anywhere in your village. The two buildings you want to merge must be at the maximum level. You can’t merge buildings that have been upgraded with gear. After merging, you can still upgrade your new super-defense to make it even more powerful.

We have currently two confirmed, Multi-Archer Tower and Ricochet Cannon, and you can install two of them each in your base.

Multi-Archer Tower

Multi-Archer Tower can be obtained by merging two Archer Towers. This defense is effective against both ground and air units, ensuring versatile protection for your village. It boasts a range of 10 tiles. This tower targets three different enemies, making sure that Archers distribute their damage evenly.

coc town hall 16 multi tower

Image via Supercell

However, if there are fewer than three targets, the Multi-Archer Tower will focus more on the remaining ones. For instance, if there’s only one target, it gets hit by three arrows, and if there are two targets, one gets shot twice.

1 20M Gold 14d 5000 110
2 22M Gold 15d 12h 5200 120

Ricochet Cannon

Ricochet Cannon boasts more than double the hit points of a regular Cannon, which comes with a range of 9 tiles and specializes in single-target damage against ground units. However, where the Ricochet Cannon truly shines is in its offensive capabilities.

coc town hall 16 ricochet cannon

Image via Supercell

The munitions fired by the Ricochet Cannon deal over double the damage compared to a Level 21 Cannon. What sets it apart is the unique ability of its munitions to bounce from the initial target, reaching and damaging a second target.

1 20M Gold 14d 5400 360
2 22M Gold 15d 12h 5700 390

New Troop

Root Rider

Finally, a new Town Hall brings a new troop! The Root Rider is a brand-new Elixir troop available at Town Hall 15 upon upgrading your Barracks to Level 17. Just like the name suggests, she possesses the power to smash through walls and obliterate defenses.

coc new troop root rider

Image via Supercell

Ideal for swiftly creating openings in your opponent’s defenses, Root Rider targets defenses specifically, with single-target attacks. With a housing space of 20, a movement speed of 12, and a training time of 3 minutes and 40 seconds, she promises to be a formidable addition to your troop combination.

15 1 210 10K 7200 NA NA
15 2 230 10K 7600 12d 19M
16 3 250 10K 8000 14d 20M

New Pet

Spirit Fox

Well, a new pet, but is not a cat y’all. But it is still cute. Named the Spirit Fox, it will be available when you upgrade your Pet House to Level 9 in the game once the Clash of Clans December 2023 Update goes live. When summoned, the Spirit Fox uses its forest magic to aid your hero.

Coc town hall 16 new pet spirit fox

Image via Supercell

One unique ability it has is called Spirit Walk, which can make both the fox and your hero invisible for a short time, allowing for interesting strategic moves. The Spirit Fox prefers targeting enemies within 4.5 tiles of your hero, deals damage to a single target on the ground, and takes up 20 housing spaces while moving at a speed of 24.

1 3s 1900 108 NA NA
2 3s 2000 116 225K 3d
3 3s 2100 124 235K 4d
4 3s 2200 132 245K 5d
5 3.5s 2300 140 255K 5d 12h
6 3.5s 2400 148 265K 6d
7 3.5s 2500 156 275K 6d 12h
8 3.5s 2600 164 285K 7d
9 3.5s 2700 172 295K 7d 12h
10 4s 2800 180 315K 8d

Clash of Clans December 2023 Update: Hero Equipment

For me, this is a grand and huge addition. Hero Equipment is a feature in Clash of Clans that lets you customize your Heroes and choose their abilities for battle.

For players with Town Hall 8 and above, you can now equip new and powerful abilities, like a massive arrow for your Archer Queen or earthquake boots for your Barbarian King to break down Walls. We already had them, but there wasn’t noticed in a separate section.

Your familiar Hero abilities say Barbarian King’s Iron Fist, have been transformed into individual Hero Equipment that can be upgraded and swapped out. For instance, equipping the Barbarian Puppet allows your Barbarian King to summon a group of Raged Barbarians. Swap it with Vampstache, and your Barbarian King will no longer summon Raged Barbarians but will heal himself with each attack instead.

New Equipment Building: Blacksmith


Image via Supercell

Town Hall level 8 and above players can now construct the all-new Blacksmith building. This facility serves as the central hub for all things related to Hero Equipment. Similar to the Pet House, which is used for leveling up Hero Pets and assigning them to Heroes, the Blacksmith is where you’ll enhance your Hero Equipment and tailor your Heroes’ abilities to your liking.

1 8 750K 1d 700 Earthquake Boots
2 9 1.7M 2d 800 Giant Arrow
3 10 2.3M 3d 900 Vampstache
4 11 3M 4d 1000 Rage Gem
5 12 5.5M 5d 1100 Healer Puppet
6 13 8.5M 6d 1200 Healing Tome
7 14 12M 7d 1300 NA
8 15 14M 8d 1400 NA
9 16 16M 9d 1500 NA

New Equipment Resource: Ores

These serve as your upgrade materials for the heroes’ abilities. This innovative feature revolves around three distinct Ores: the common Shiny Ore, utilized for all levels of Common and Epic Equipment, the rarer Glowy Ore, crucial for upgrading key levels in Hero Equipment; and the rarest Starry Ore, an essential component for pushing your Epic Equipment beyond certain levels.

coc december 2023 hero equipment resource

Image via Supercell

You will have multiple avenues to collect Ores. It can be done through the Home Village Star Bonus, Clan Wars, and via The Trader. The in-game Shop will also serve as a source for acquiring these precious resources. Should you find yourself short on Ores for a crucial Equipment upgrade, fret not – Gems can be utilized as an alternative currency to expedite the process.

Heroes and their Equipment

Well, let us now talk about the important stuff. In the new Hero Equipment system, each Hero can equip two pieces. Drag them from your inventory to your Hero in the Blacksmith Equipment UI. Equipment has either Active or Passive abilities. Actives need manual activation in battle, like the Barbarian King’s Iron Gauntlet. Passives, like Grand Warden’s aura, are always on.

coc december 2023 hero equipment

Image via Supercell

Common Equipment upgrades to level 18 via Blacksmith upgrades. Epic Equipment, upgradable to level 27, unlocks during special events. Some gear has extra effects, like DPS boosts or HP recovery. Epic Hero Equipment is coming soon with a special event update, so for now, we don’t have much info on it.

Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 16 Upgrades

Hero Upgrades

With the Town Hall upgrade, all the Heroes will be receiving a significant boost, each gaining an extra five levels at Town Hall 16. All these will have an upgrade time of 8 days each.

Barbarian King

91 290K DE 10,965 581 2,650 46
92 300K DE 11,093 587 2,650 46
93 310K DE 11,220 594 2,650 46
94 320K DE 11,348 601 2,650 46
95 330K DE 11,475 608 2,800 48

Archer Queen

91 300K DE 3,120 751 385 46
92 310K DE 3,144 755 385 46
93 320K DE 3,186 758 385 46
94 330K DE 3,192 762 385 46
95 340K DE 3,216 765 400 48

Grand Warden

66 18M Elixir 2,346 299 247 46
67 18.5M Elixir 2,363 302 247 46
68 19M Elixir 2,380 304 247 46
69 19.5M Elixir 2,397 307 247 46
70 20M Elixir 2,414 309 256 48

Royal Champion

41 315K DE 3,936 533 1,200 46
42 325K DE 3,961 536 1,200 46
43 335K DE 3,987 539 1,200 46
44 345K DE 4,012 542 1,200 46
45 355K DE 4,038 545 1,300 48

Defense Upgrades

Well, a new Town Hall always brings new upgrades. Here are some of the upgrades that are arriving.

  • Air Defense: This can now be upgraded to level 14, providing additional hit points and damage per second.
  • X-Bow: Upgrades to level 11, featuring increased hit points and damage per second.
  • Wizard Tower: Now upgradable to level 16, offering extra hit points and damage per second.
  • Bomb Tower: A new level, reaching level 11, providing extra hit points, DPS, and damage when destroyed.
  • Mortar: Now upgradable to level 16, experiences an incremental increase in hit points and damage.

Troop Upgrades

We can expect the following upgrades for troops.

  • Electro Dragon: Elevates to level 7, offering increased hit points, DPS, and damage when destroyed.
  • Dragon Rider: Now attains level 4, showcasing improved stats similar to the Electro Dragon.
  • Balloon: Undergoes significant upgrades in hit points, DPS, and damage when destroyed, likely making it a priority for players.
  • Miner: Recommended for hybrid-style attackers.
  • Electro Dragon and Dragon Rider: Highly recommended upgrades due to their potential effectiveness at Town Hall 16.

Spell Upgrades

We can expect the following upgrades for spells.

  • Lightning Spell: Potentially gaining significance in the meta, especially with other defenses nerfed.
  • Healing Spell: Depending on the strategy, players might prioritize this upgrade.
  • Poison Spell: Proves useful in various attacks and is worth considering for an upgrade.
  • Recall Spell: Receives an upgrade to allow recalling an extra six capacity.

Storage and Building Upgrades

Storages, including Dark Elixir Storage, receive an increase in capacity.

  • Dark Elixir Storage: Upgradable up to Level 11, pushing capacity to 360K.
  • Gold Storage: Upgradable up to Level 17, pushing capacity to 5.25M.
  • Elixir Storage: Upgradable up to Level 17, pushing capacity to 5.25M.

Regular upgrading and training building upgrades are also mentioned.

  • Laboratory: Upgradable to level 14, with a visually appealing upgrade deemed essential for unlocking new troop levels.
  • Barracks: Teased for future troop unlocks in upcoming sneak peeks, with Level 17.
  • Pet House: Upgradable to Level 9.

Clash of Clans December 2023 Balance Updates and Game Changes

Balance Update

There have been some balance changes arriving as well, which are mentioned below.

  • Rage Spell Tower
    • Rage radius reduced from 6 to 5 tiles.
    • Damage boost reduced from 90% to 60%
  • Air Bomb
    • Level 10 damage reduced from 355 to 350.
  • Eagle Artillery
    • Level 6 damage reduced from 525 to 500.
  • Town Hall weapon
    • Town Hall 14-15 poison duration reduced from 16 seconds to 12 seconds.
    • Town Hall 15 DPS reduced from 280-320 to 280-300.
  • Inferno Tower
    • Multi-Inferno Tower level 9 DPS reduced from 116 to 110
  • X-Bow
    • Level 6 HP reduced 3500 → 3400
    • Level 7 HP reduced 3900 → 3700
    • Level 8 HP reduced 4200 → 4000
    • Level 9 HP reduced 4500 → 4200
    • Level 10 HP reduced 4700 → 4400
    • Level 7 DPS reduced 155 → 150
    • Level 8 DPS reduced 175 → 170
    • Level 9 DPS reduced 195 → 190
    • Level 10 DPS reduced 215 → 205
  • Scattershot
    • Level 4 DPS reduced from 200 to 185
  • Monolith
    • Level 2 DPS from 200 to 175
    • Proportional damage reduced by 1%
  • Healers
    • Less likely to target Golems, Golemites, and Ice Golems
  • Lava Pup
    • Reduced count for defensive Lava Hounds from 8-18 to 8-13
  • Ice Pup
    • Reduced count for defensive Ice Hounds from 10-12 to 10-11

Game Changes

Some game updates have been made as well, listed as follows.

  • Introduction of significant reductions in upgrade cost and upgrade time for various Town Hall levels.
  • Modification of Clan War League seeding weights for all leagues starting from Gold 2 and above.
  • Addition of the long-awaited ability to Friendly Challenge one’s own Village, available in both Home Village and Builder Base.
  • Implementation of partial training for armies via Quick Train, allowing for training even when there’s insufficient Army Camp space.
  • Convenient access to the Super Troop menu when attempting to train an Army with Super Troops without active boosts.
  • Display of Training Potion when tapping on Army Camps for quick visibility.
  • Updated Home Village Star Bonus pop-up with a new look and a button directing players to the Treasury.
  • Visual change to Archer Towers, now featuring single Archers on top to avoid confusion with Multi-Archer Towers.
  • Transformation of the Hero Potion to temporarily boost Heroes and Pets to the maximum level allowed at the player’s Town Hall level for 1 hour, applicable in both Villages.
  • Modification of the Power Potion to temporarily boost Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines to the maximum level allowed at the player’s Town Hall level for 1 hour, applicable in both Villages.

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