How to Configure CPU and Memory in MEmu

Here are some tips about how to configure CPU and memory to get better performance in MEmu. You can change it via MEmu settings.


1. Performance – CPU / Memory settings:

  • For most computers, set CPU=2 and Memory=2048 is good enough.
  • For high spec computers, for example, if you have physical resource 8 cores CPU and 8 GB memory or even more, CPU=4 and Memory=4096 is a better option.
  • If you want to play with multiple instances, make sure the sum of CPU and memory of all MEmu instances less than your physical resource.


  1. AMD CPU core is limited to 2 at most in MEmu Settings for better compatibility.
  2. Don’t install too many apps in a single VM, try to create a new one with Multi-MEmu.


2. Render mode: OpenGL and DirectX.
Both rendering modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Users can make their own judgments based on different games.
In particular, if the game runs flashback or stuck, the user can choose to switch the rendering mode to try.


3. Root mode: Allow or disallow the applications within the emulator to obtain root permission.

Some games may require users to disable this option to run normally.


4. Memory optimization: Reduce the memory usage of the game runtime, it is recommended to enable when the memory resources are tight (there may be a subtle color difference).


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