Love and Deepspace is a new 3D dating mobile game now available on MEmu

Infold Games, the acclaimed developers responsible for the immensely successful “Nikki” and “Mr. Love” series, has launched their latest creation – the eagerly awaited semi-realistic 3D dating simulation mobile game, Love and Deepspace. The game is now available for download on both iOS and Android platforms.

The game invites players to immerse themselves in a captivating world where romance intertwines with the cosmos. Love and Deepspace represents a significant leap in mobile gaming, offering a unique combination of engaging storytelling and state-of-the-art 3D graphics. The developers, known for their commitment to delivering top-notch entertainment, have once again showcased their dedication to innovation with this visually stunning dating simulation.

Experience the next level of mobile dating simulation with Love and Deepspace

With a staggering pre-registration count exceeding 15 million playersInfold Games is poised to transport enthusiasts into a captivating sci-fi universe where the boundaries of love are limitless. In celebration of the official launch of Love and Deepspace, a special community event titled ‘An Everlasting Love Witnessed By The Universe‘ was initiated on January 17th after a successful closed beta test.

During this event, players have the opportunity to articulate their genuine sentiments towards the mysterious characters in Love and Deepspace, as well as express their aspirations for the game. These messages, interwoven with the characters’ confessions, stand a chance to be transmitted by satellite deep into Deepspace.

Love and Deepspace first person perspective

Image via Papergames

Immersing players in a rich tapestry of carefully woven narratives, captivating cutscenes, and an intricate RPG combat system, Love and Deepspace beckons enthusiasts into a perilous yet romantic odyssey. Taking on the pivotal role of a formidable Deepspace Hunter, players are tasked with exploring uncharted civilizations and safeguarding humanity’s aspirations. The storyline unfolds as a response to an enigmatic transmission that kindled curiosity for space exploration, revealing that the newfound civilizations may harbor hidden dangers.

Confronting the formidable in-game adversaries known as ‘Wanderers,’ which pose a significant threat to the entire human race, proves to be a formidable challenge. Armed with unique ‘Evol‘ abilities and ‘Memories,’ players must strategically employ these resources to vanquish the menacing creatures.

The assistance of three steadfast companions—Xavier, the seasoned Deepspace Hunter; Rafayel, the passionate artist; and Zayne, the skilled cardiac surgeon—adds depth to the pursuit of justice and romance in the face of adversity.

Sarah Brightman will be performing the Love and Deepspace opening theme song

Immersing players directly into the game through a visually stunning semi-realistic 3D art style, Love and Deepspace breathe life into the player’s character and their romantic interests. Crafted to offer a fresh visual experience, the game promises exciting and intimate interactions with its charismatic bachelors.

Whether capturing memorable moments on a date at Linkon City Arcade or engaging in heartfelt conversations into the early hours, players’ actions elicit unique, intimate, and realistic reactions, all in the pursuit of love.

Sarah Brightman, in collaboration with Infold Games, contributes to the fight for love and Deepspace by lending her enchanting voice to the game’s opening theme, Love and Deepspace. The iconic singer and performer of two Olympic theme songs create a brand-new masterpiece for the 3D immersive romance mobile game. Through her ethereal voice, Sarah reflects on the mysterious tale woven into the annals of history.

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