Everything you need to know about MEmu9.0

Get ready to play Android games on your PC like never before. Experience the best gaming experience with its high performance and enhanced FPS.

This article will introduce you to all the different features in MEmu 9.

1. Newly adopted Android 9 kernel engine, significantly improving game compatibility and experience

Take your gaming experience to new heights with the most powerful version of Getaway to date and experience superior performance in your favorite games!

Compared to Android 7.1, 9.0 has better compatibility and supports more games and apps.

2. Higher frame rate support

9.0 global optimized the performance of the game, compared with the old version of the game frame rate increased by more than 15% on average. The screen is smoother, more high-frame-rate models have been added, and more games are supported in 120HZ and even up to 240HZ high-frame-rate modes.

3. CPU performance is 44% ahead of the competition.

4.Smart Keymapping

Brings you a more intuitive and smoother control experience in the game.

5. Emulator instance multi-opening

Multiple accounts running at the same time on one device.

6. Fast application startup time

Optimized the installation speed of the game, saving 20%+ of time. Less time to wait, more time to play!

Other features of Memu9.0

1. Fixed the emulator startup failure which caused by the instance damage of emulator.
2. Fixed the smart keymapping bug of “Brawl Stars”.
3. Fixed the compatibility issues of “Dislyte”.
4. Fixed the graphic issue of “Honkai: Star Rail”.
5. Fixed the problem that wifi cannot be automatically connected after a soft restart in some cases.
6. Resolved issue with inability to access the internet using custom DNS.
7. Fixed compatibility issues with certain applications on AMD machines.
8. Fixed delayed display issue in “Gallery” after copying images to Android.

And much more…

You can read about all the new features that are frequently added to MEmu 9.0 in the MEmu Release Notes.

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